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Education Links Education Agent Bahrain


Education Links is your personal career consultant, serving as a student advisor by providing a personalized service to help you gain a place on study program overseas.

EDUCATION LINKS serves as an education consultant and representative, liaising between students and universities or other institutions regarding admission matters.


Our professional yet friendly team has a vast of actual experience and well trained. They attended actual training, seminar and briefing in majority of the university in UK and USA, with this our team is allowed by the institution to provide counseling guidelines appropriate to the need of each student to ensure successful placement. Also the real experience of campus life is part of our team development.

Education Link team will continue assist you through our assign Student Relation Consultant and we wishes you a great endeavor in your international study.


1. Consultation and counseling for admission

2. Submission of application requirements

3. Collection of application fees, courier and service fees

4. Submission of application form to universities and colleges

5. Acceptance of conditional offers

6. Completion of Conditional Requirements

7. Acceptance of Unconditional Acceptance

8. Payment of Deposit for Tuition and/or accommodation

9. Issuance of Pre-CAS /I-20

10. CAS issuance

11. Campus accommodation confirmation

12. Pre-Visa counseling

13. Visa appointment booking

14. Visa application

15. Departure booking

16. Airport pick up


Education Links was established in June 2005 to assist local students who want to study overseas. In response to a tremendous growth in demand, the role of Education Links has expanded and now includes assisting in the placement of GCC students.

Over the years, Education Links has evolved towards meeting the needs of the local students and serving students from other Gulf countries as well. At Education Links we take pride in providing personal attention and assistance to every student. We ensure that their needs and requirements are met. This has given us a unique level of expertise which has enhanced our reputation in the market. Put simply we deliver quality.

We are proud to say that we work with carefully selected, recognized universities in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Australia. These institutions have entrusted Education Links to represent them in Bahrain only after rigorous quality inspections and checks.

Our knowledge and understanding of the different education systems and the college or university facilities sets us apart. Our team has personally visited most of the institutions and experienced real campus life through regular visits. Our team has undergone numerous training and briefing sessions conducted by International Officers. With our personal interaction, Education Links has built excellent rapport and relations with the International Office and faculty teams. Our expertise allows us to provide accurate and reliable counseling guidance appropriate to the needs of each student in order to ensure proper placement. As a registered placement agency in Bahrain regulated by the Ministry of Education, we have high standards of quality. We continuously ensure that we comply with the regulatory requirements and guidelines and make sure that the universities and college programs we represent are accredited locally.


We at EDUCATION LINKS acts as the bridge between many people involved in international education, including students, parents and host families; we as your pivotal links between them, as well as we facilitate you thru the following:

•We provide information on the range of education options, courses and pathways.

•We provide information on the preferred countries, travel, lifestyle and the like.

•We provide mentoring and advice for students to ensure the most appropriate course selection.

•We provide application documents to education providers, such as: institutes, language schools, colleges, universities.

•We provide and facilitate pre-visa assistance.


EDUCATION LINKS –maintains and complies with the highest principles of good practice when placing students.

EDUCATION LINKS shall act at all times in the best interest of students or prospective students and shall offer advice and counseling in order to provide information in a manner consistent with this principle.

•Demonstrate awareness, sensitivity to and respect for other educational systems,values and cultures

•Match each student an appropriate institution based on their choice, qualification, financial capability and the like.

•Represents the institutions credentials, purposes and position or affiliation clearly and accurately, and shall use their office, title, and professional associations only for the conduct of official business.

•Clearly convey the role and responsibility held by anyone in direct contact with a prospective student

•Makes no promises or assertions with respect to consideration for admission, placement, or award of financial aid that are not consistent with existing policy or within the authority of the institutional representative.


Education Links
Flat 118,
Building 106
No.20 Block 331

Contact Details

Mr. Ebrahim Ahmed

Tel: 973-17255909
Fax: 973-17290229

Email: Click here to access email address  
Web: Click here to access website address

Educational sectors represented

GCSE, A Level or other equivalent
Boarding Schools
English Language Schools
Undergraduate study
Post Graduate study

British Council Qualification(s)

British Council Advanced Agent Certificate
Currently studying

Education UK Certificate
(Certified: 15/01/2013 )

Agent Reference: GAL/3864




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