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MELGATE INTERNATIONAL Education and Migration Consulting Sri Lanka

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Melgate International Pvt Ltd is a far-reaching foreign education and migration consulting firm. We offer professional and ethical services to Sri Lankan students, skilled individuals and families seeking better education, better jobs and a better life abroad.

We are committed to hassle-free immigration solutions through updated and accurate information, systematic evaluations and assessments and expert guidance - guaranteed to help you attain your specific migration goals.

For international Universities engaged in student recruitment, we can offer our inimitable experience and local knowledge for higher effectiveness.



Optimise your chances of studying, working and settling down in the land down under. Exclusive services for obtaining a student visa, work visa, dependent visa, visitor visa, business visa and PR visa.   Canada Immigration is booming and there are plenty of reasons why. Receive current information and expert guidance for Canada PR Visa, Visiting Visa, Work Visa and Dependent Visa.   Confidently apply for work visa, job seeker visa or student visa. Our wide range of services include resume building, fast track visa application and language training.   Expert assistance in obtaining US visitor visa, business visa or student visa. Get up to date information and in-depth guidance from our immigration experts and fast-track your US visa.
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Our passion is helping people pursue their dreams and a better life in a new country. Seeing our clients successfully settle down abroad and knowing that we were part of that journey is truly rewarding. It also continues to drive us to achieve the best for our prospective clients.

Why Choose Melgate

  • Career Guidance and counselling - to aid in making informed choices based on client’s skills, qualifications and ambitions. Help clients understand the labour market and education system in their country of choice
  • Guaranteed Post landing services -accommodation arrangements, etc
  • Guaranteed Job Assistance
  • Knowledge and Expertise - Team of consultants well versed in immigration law and regulations.
  • Stress-free and smooth process - We ensure that all documentation meets current rules and regulations and are submitted on time.
  • Reliability - Constant communication with you the client and other relevant parties throughout the process
  • Guidance - Simplify a complicated process with comprehensive guidance.
  • Affordable fees and transparency - No false promises. We genuinely care about providing the best advice at a fair price.
  • Best chance of success With personalised support services such as financial advice, pre-departure briefing, mock visa interview training, etc